BRAIN spol. s r.o.


is all-czech company,  established in 1993 as a provider of construction  management services. manage  by team of true professionals, with in-depth experience  in all aspects of construction, management, architecture and engineering. We believe our expertise spans the construction industry spectrum, from small renovation to million-dollar projects delivered under lump-sum however  The Brain company is typically focusing on implementation of investment plans, both complex and partial, covering wide array of construction projects´ architecture and engineering but can also supply specific project-stages or sub-contracts for engineering and construction work i.e. economic balances, feasibility studies, tender processing and evaluation, designs, building-permit procedure, local  authorities pre- construction negotiation representation etc. we do specialised scuba-diving works, under-water surveys and evaluations of the state of constructions, including photo documentation and filming footage. we, at the brain company, strive to provide the comprehensive services required to successfully  execute any project , ranging from inception through to a fully  operational facility. For more details see Specialization and testimonial section.


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